My Business Journey Part 5

As you can see in part 4 we covered almost a full year without a lot of results except the last two months that I described in that post.  The point of that is almost the entire first year of being in business was a learning year,  between listening to a lot of audios every day and starting to dig into reading business books, that is what started building my confidence in myself that we could see getting free from my plumbing career.

We were doing the activity for that year, it’s just, I believe, people could see that I wasn’t totally confident in leading them in the right direction. The  training system I was plugged into is what gave me that belief and confidence. Of course I can’t leave out the association, without getting around the successful people that were making it work, all I could do is look at myself in the mirror and ask, “why are they succeeding and I’m not yet?” Those kind of questions got answered from being around the events that were promoted.  I’m sure you will see a theme throughout all of these posts, educating myself through a training system has and always will be key to keep moving forward in business.

Let’s pick up the story in August 2003, since January 2003 we have been going power player every month which is just a structure for our business model,  and coming into August we had a goal of having two teams of people with at least 100 people in each team attending a monthly seminar.   It was a Thursday before our monthly seminar that we had a big clubhouse meeting with Tim Marks coming in to help finish off what needed to be done.  This was the day that started a major power outage across the Midwest, and expanded from Michigan all the ways to the east side of New York.  I remember driving home from work thinking, Man I hope people show up to this clubhouse meeting tonight, but of course when we got to the clubhouse the only person that was there was Tim Marks and the people who lived in that apartment complex.  So I had a great idea whoever wanted to come back to our house, I would grill up some steaks, get the generator going so we could have air-conditioning, and start making phone calls to move the last few tickets to the seminar.  Guess what? It got done that night! Turbo 100 was in the bag!!! That was my goal I needed to hit to leave my job.  We were already making more money as an entrepreneur than  I was making in plumbing, but I told Tim Marks that was my goal to become job optional two teams with 100 people attending seminars.  The month before I had sent Tim  a  voicemail stating, “write this in your calendar Tim, I am going to walk out of plumbing forever on September 29”.   Tim sent back a message and said “I wrote it in my calendar in pen so it cannot be earased”.  That made me really nervous when I sent him that message that July because I knew I had to get it done because my word is my worth.  Holding myself accountable to Tim has always helped me push my business forward.  And getting that ticket goal  wrapped up in August 2003 was a major milestone to hit.  Now there was just one more goal to hit before I could actually walk out of my job, and that was hitting a number of people being educated in the training system.  At this point I had around 125 people on the training system and my goal was 150.  I had roughly 6 weeks to get it done, but I got done in four weeks!  We had a major convention in grand rapids Michigan in September 2003,  this is where Tim Marks got with all of the liberator team  and announced to all of them that I was leaving my job in two weeks!!!

That day came, September 29, 2003 there was around 150 people on our team at my plumbing shop where I worked at 6:15 am, a bunch of them were running around with video cameras getting it all on film.  I watched our team get total believe in that they could do the same from that day forward.

At the time of leaving my job we had only had two organizations that we were building, soon after I quit my job we started our third organization in October 2003.  From October 2003 to April 2004,  that organization that we started went to 100 people attending seminars. That’s when we earned our first free trip! It was down to Key West Florida.  I will never forget it, we flew into Fort Lauderdale Florida, we rented a convertible Mustang and another car since we took my mom with us  we all didn’t fit in one car, then drove down to Key West.

Since that first trip in 2004  we have been on over 20 trips that was paid for by the company we were with.  That would have never happened had I  just stayed a plumber.  I can’t tell you how many memories, pictures, and stories we have from all of those trips with 99% of them the family was all there.

May 2004 we started to have retirement parties on our team.  There is no better reward then helping people hit their goals, and become job optional.

September 2004 I bought my first Cadillac DTS, and paid cash for it!  It was not brand-new but it was only two years old and only had 17,000 miles on it. That was awesome,  to be able to pay cash for a car and still have tens of thousands of dollars in the bank.  It’s funny because some people say that networking is a scam, is a pyramid, and doesn’t work for anybody.  I love proving them all wrong!

Until next post,




My Business Journey Part 4

Here it was, two weeks before the first major of convention was coming up in mid January 2002, I was over at Ed’s one Saturday morning and we were talking, he was talking about what his first major convention did for him and how it motivated him to succeed. I made the decision right there to purchase one major convention ticket for myself because Dolores was already going on a cheerleading weekend with our oldest daughter for a national champion cheerleading competition in St. Louis Missouri. I also told him that because I wanted to sit in the front row at that major convention I would be a power player (Accountability). From that day forward I started working as hard as I could towards that achievement and we did hit our player the day before the major convention started.

Within the first two hours of that first convention I went and purchased two tickets for the next convention in May, I called Dolores later that night and told her that we were going in May because we are going to get committed and make this thing work. What was awesome is Dolores supported me in a way that she did not tear me down, so between January 2002 up to May 2002 we went power player one more time. I remember that weekend vividly and it gave Dolores so much hope in me so much hope that it just drove the commitment down deeper.

I know what kept my belief high was listening to audios, back then it was cassette tapes. I would go through at least 9 tapes a day while at work. I worked as a plumber in construction of new residential homes so I was able to listen to a walkman all day long. Those tapes helped my attitude stay positive, gave me the know how of activities to work on for the business, also they cast a vision of where the future of e-commerce was headed. Without those tapes I would have quit! Books also helped me learn how to think as an entrepreneur, learn people skills, and develop myself as a leader. I was not a reader at all as I got started in business on September 14 of 2001 but by May 2002 I was reading one of two books a month. At different parts of the association like intro meetings, seminars, and men’s leadership, listening to audio’s and reading books was always highly promoted, this is where you get your education and know how to develop yourself into a successful entrepreneur and leader. Our training system back then was called “Team of Destiny” and without that system it would’ve been very hard to just leverage my time since I was working 70-90 hours a week, by leveraging the training system I could educate and train people while I was working and sleeping.

Here we are going into August 2002, I’m at a men’s leadership and walking through the crowd Tim Marks stopped me and asked if we could do lunch on Sunday together with their family. I couldn’t believe it because at have my first seminar I had told Dolores I was going to make Tim my best friend. I came home that night from men’s leadership woke her up and told her what was happening, she was excited and nervous at the same time. That Sunday was the beginning of starting to mentor with Tim and Amy Marks. They helped us narrow our focus down and start running for a big goal.

Let’s fast-forward to December 2002, we had built a community in 2002 of around 50 active people, I was told with those kind of numbers we could hit but was called back then “top of the chart”. What I knew this to be was we could make around $1000 that month if we hit the top of the chart, December 31, 2002 Dolores and I managed to hit what we thought was a huge milestone and we were what was call back then a silver in quixtar. Sure enough that landed us a check I’m just a little over $1000 for that month. Again this was reassurance that if I just do what is suggested this works! So January 2003 we hit what was called Turbo 10 for the first time, what this meant was we had at least 10 people in two different organizations attending seminars. We were a culture of building numbers of people that attended functions mainly because those were the only people who actually did anything. Our whole team started to get belief and started to get into action of sharing the business plan with other people so the next month in February we hit turbo 25, this of course meant 25 people in  two different teams attending functions. So my mentor Tim Marks called me right after that seminar and said ” Amy and I would love to have you host us at the March seminar but in order to do that you need to be at a turbo 50 level”! Now if you would have told me on December 31 of 2002 that just a short three months later we would be running for turbo 50 I would’ve told you you were crazy, but guess what, we did go turbo 50 in March 2003 and was able to host Tim and Amy Marks as they were the featured speaker at that seminar in Yypsilanti Michigan! At this point the liberator team had massive momentum and I could start to see I was going to have my last day as a plumber in the near future.

I will expand on that in Part 5

God Bless,


May Business Journey Part 3

Coming home from that duckhunting trip with my buddy Steve, I decided to play the audio cassette tapes that Ed left me the night before after signing up with him.  The three tapes he left me I listened to while I was cleaning ducks in the garage, they made so much sense to me and made me laugh it got me even more interested in pursuing this even though I just got my first no from my lifelong friend, Steve.  My kids ran into the house to tell the Dolores that I was laughing in the garage, she could not believe what she saw, me laughing, it had been years since I have done that.  Monday morning came and I took those three tapes with me to work, I listen to them all again which geared me up for my follow-through that Ed had already scheduled with us that night.  It was funny because the Dolores  did not listen to the cassette tapes so  she was not as excited as I was to have Ed come back over.  When Ed got there she started asking him if our site sold the same products that we already bought.  When she found out it did not so the exact name brands she asked Ed if he had more of those tapes because I needed them.  I think back now that is so funny because I really did need them!  Anyway Ed brought it back around to asking me what I wanted from this, I told him I wanted to be free from my job and he gave me believe that I could be, so what he did is he offered to pick me up the next day and take me to the open meeting 45 minutes away from my house.  Of course I went because Knauer I was hungry to get the information I needed to succeed.  He also did the right thing and book the another meeting from that meeting and scheduled a house plan at our house 10 days away.  I was pumped because I felt like I was doing the right things necessary to succeed.

After going to that first open meeting it inspired me even more, it was like I couldn’t get enough of the information because my confidence was going up every time I heard a different speaker speak.  As I started making phone calls to invite people to our house plan I got rejected 10 times in a row, so the next day I called Ed and told him that this was stupid and it didn’t work for me.  So here is where my roller coaster ride started with my own thinking ha ha!  It was very gracious and ask me a question, “did you listen to that tape that I left for you on contacting”?  I said no so I agreed to listen to it that day, when I got home I started making phone calls and everybody I called said yes to coming over, the power of a system at work.  I’m not going to tell you how I contacted them because it was still a little bit wrong but I can tell you this everybody that said they were and come over did.  Dolores even contacted two people and they came over, I did not listen to the tape on how to run a house plan so of course I did that wrong too.  We basically got everybody fed and hydrated then I sat down and told Ed to go ahead and show us!  So at this point Ed had to dig himself out of a hole to give himself a little credibility, he booked the follow-throughs after the plan, and two people signed up from that house plan.  So we were off and running!

Two weeks after our first house plan, we attended the first seminar 2 1/2 hours away from our house.  This was the first time we left our newborn son James for over 7 hours.  Dolores was nervous to leave him for that long so we argued all the ways to our first seminar, only stayed for the first half, then drove home two and a half hours arguing all the way.  And I still would not change a thing.

I did notice at that first seminar that Ed and Lynette both were sitting in the front row of the seminar, so I went up to them and ask them how they had such good seats, they said if you just hit this thing we call power player which is just a business structure there is  reserve seating upfront.  He also said it’s where all the leaders sit, I look back now and it is funny how Ed knew how to play to my personality.  By this point he knew I wanted to be a leader and that would motivate me to do the right activities to sit in that reserve seating.  We did get to sit at that reserve seating four months later and our first major convention.

I will start Part 4  of this business journey  with the details and the importance of a major convention, without attending that first one I do not believe I would have hung on like we did to get our freedom.

God Bless,


My Business Journey Part 2

As I start to write this journey down, Dolores and I are about 4 miles offshore  in the Gulf of Mexico just  relaxing and spending some time together.  The weather is 82° in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf is flat.  For the record this would have never happened on a Friday morning when I was a plumber  living in Chesterfield Michigan working 70 to 90 hours a week!

The only disclaimer that I have is please do not judge the miss pronunciation or the grammar errors that I’m sure I will have throughout these posts. Ha Ha let’s get started on the journey.

The day we were contacted was September 14, 2001 a Friday evening, three days after the events of 9/11.  At the time I was working for a plumbing company, and  I also own my own plumbing company on the side. The weeks that I would work would cost me at least 70 to 90 hours away from the family.  We had a highschooler, middle schooler, elementary, and a two week old baby.  I was not looking for something else to do but I was always wondering if there was a way out.

Growing up in a middle-class family my father worked for General Motors and my mom worked at the hospital. We were not rich by any means. I was taught to, go to school, learn a trade, get a safe secure job, and work forever.  After following that path for 13 years as a plumber I was very frustrated, time poor, and money poor.  Our idea of a vacation was a holiday weekend up north in Michigan on the four wheelers driving too fast and drinking too much.  It had been close to 10 years that I was even out of the state of Michigan, so the idea of traveling was never in our sites.

That Friday afternoon on September 14 I received a call while I was at work,  it was  Dolores calling to let me know we were going down to our friends house to see some business from someone we did not know.  I was kind of excited because it might be an answer to a way out of the rat race but I also was taking our oldest daughter on a youth duck hunt the next day so I had things to get ready.

I walk into my buddy Gordy’s house, and here’s a guy named Ed Zentner in a suit and tie with a dry erase board talking about e-commerce.  At the time I did not know what e-commerce was.  I remember most of the plan but the reason we joined the first night as he showed us a way to make a couple extra thousand dollars a month plus still having my job.  I did not truly realize it was a people business, nor did I realize it was a product business.  The next morning my buddy Steve and daughter Stephanie head out to the marsh to go duckhunting, I told Steve I found a way to make a lot of money on the Internet by buying stuff and get people to buy stuff.  His comment back to me was “if I need anything I’ll go to the store and buy it”.  I think about that now and how funny it was, three weeks later he ended up getting in and joining us.

The business we got started in was quixtar  and the business support team that helped educate people and become business owners was driven by the team of destiny.  Quixtar supplied the products and a compensation plan and team of destiny supplied audios, books, and association to help people understand they own a business. This was a great system that gave  me believe that I could build a business and be successful, encourage me to go out and do what I needed to do, and gave me the information on how to do it.  Without the system I would have never succeeded in getting free from my job in two years and two weeks!  That was the dream from day one getting free, and on September 29 of 2003  I left plumbing forever.  I will share more on this date in future posts.

Cheers for now,



My Business JourneyPart 1

I have been feeling lead to share my awesome journey through what I call a roller coaster ride. In the next few weeks I am going to post Dolores and my journey that started September 14, 2001. We have had ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

So stay tuned to this multi part story, I hope it will give you belief, confidence in self, and insight to what is possible for you.

Get ready!!


You got a Dream, Go Get It

Many people dream of becoming an entrepreneur, but they often don’t realize their dream due to the fears associated with it and their inability to overcome them. Regardless of how potentially brilliant your idea may be, it means nothing if you cannot find the courage to overcome these six fears:

1. Fear of risk and failure.

If you wish to do anything of substance you must be able to overcome the fear of both risk and failure.

Mark Organ, a successful CEO of a marketing software firm, once said:

There is no way for an entrepreneur to make a living without taking risks.

With risk come greater and more fruitful rewards. People often see risk as a negative, but it should be embraced. Rather than avoiding and hiding yourself from it, you should understand it and take steps to mitigate it.

With risk comes failure, yes, but failure presents opportunity! You will never give yourself the opportunity to succeed as an entrepreneur if you do not embrace the possibility of failure. You should be more afraid of not putting yourself out there. There is no risk in chasing your goals and dreams!

2. Fear of what others around you will say.

We live in a world where people enjoy the failures of others rather than their successes. Being afraid of others waiting for you to fail can often makes it difficult to succeed.

This scene from The Pursuit of Happiness says it perfectly.

An entrepreneur will face many criticisms from friends and those close to them, so it’s important to believe in yourself and what you’re trying to achieve, or else you have no chance of being an entrepreneur.

3. Fear it’s the wrong decision.

A common fear that holds back many potential entrepreneurs is that of making the wrong decision.

People who aspire to become entrepreneurs often have full-time jobs already, but they’ve always wanted to work for themselves. People fear that if they give up their job and open themselves up to a less than secure future, they will regret it.

If you find it tough to get over the idea that striking out on your own is the wrong decision, there are ways you can feel more confident. Do market research on your idea’s profitability, talk to mentors and other successful entrepreneurs, test your product on focus groups and create a business plan to give yourself the best chance to succeed.

Life Leadership, as many of you reading this know has a proven operating system to achieve the highest level of success with virtually no risk. What you need to bring to your business is a willingness to learn and apply proven principles and practices.

4. Fear you lack the experience or expertise.

The fear that you are uneducated or inexperienced is natural for the first time entrepreneur. People see all these successful individuals with extensive resumes and say to themselves “I can’t I do this!”

But you can.

Richard Branson once said:

The best way of learning about anything is by doing!

Many of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world struggled with formal education. It is not a prerequisite for starting a business to be formally educated, so why limit yourself because you lack a college degree? Take a chance! If you’re passionate about what you’re doing, that alone will take you further than any diploma.

5. Fear you will be financially ruined.

Financial insecurity is an understandable fear for the entrepreneur to have. It takes a lot of courage to put your savings and lifestyle on the line so that you can follow your dream.

According to the Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index, most small businesses are started with around $10,000 from their founders’ personal savings. Avoiding copious amounts of debt and stretching every penny in the start-up stage of your business will help you avoid additional risk of financial insecurity.

You can also limit your financial imbalance by being prepared. A business plan, along with progress reports and sales forecasts will help map the direction of your business and ensure that you stay on track.

It is incredible that to run your Bonvera business as a professional is less than $ 200 a month. In a conventional business this won’t pay your electric bill. As a business owner look at the potential of your investment and what it can produce in return. When you put what is taught into action, you should be profitable in less than 90 days. Stay consistent and it will produce more than most peoples wildest dreams ever could have.

6. Fear it will consume your life.

Starting your own business takes a lot of time and hard work if it is to have any chance of success. It is important to become familiar with and accept this before taking the step into entrepreneurship.

Your business will need your attention and with a proven system for you to leverage you will truly see the three keys to wealth come into play, 1)Long term vision; where do you see yourself in the next 5,10,20 years? 2)Delayed gratification; learn and apply the Life Leadership marketing system. 3)Power of compounding; when consistently apply our proven practices, your business will turn into a “B” type business of residual income that can be built to last generations unlike a 9-5 job.

If you are considering taking the leap and becoming an entrepreneur, be prepared for hard work. Keep pushing forward and take any opportunity to give yourself a pat on the back to keep up your morale. Keep yourself motivated and you will surely be successful as an entrepreneur.

God Bless,

Jim Martin

The Power and Importance of Duplication

The power of duplication starts with you

If all of us went at building our business like nobody else was going to what would you do?

1. have a reason a dream or goal

2. Show the plan four times a week

3. Listen to 3 to 6 CDs a day for club 180

4. Read at least a book a month on the things that you struggle with.

5. Make sure you’re associating with your team. You’re attending every open, the seminar every month, and the major conventions. If your teams running a business launch and you are don’t already have a plan set up you’re at that business launch with your new folks.

6. You have a mentor that is moving on, and while you’re mentoring your disclosing everything that’s going on in your life. A great book to help you understand mentoring is a book called mentoring matters that came down in our system.

We know by doing these things it’s leading by example. Example is not the only thing but it is the main thing.

Your team need someone to model the way, not everyone is a self-starter

When you’re team sees this is all you do, this is all they will know. That produces great duplication.

Let me list off a few things that you will want to duplicate it down into your team.

1. Attitude. Your attitude will affect the group. So do you want your team to have the same attitude as you?

2. Passion. Are you and passionate pursuit of achieving your goals and dreams? Does every person that you show this to believe that you’re sold out and you’re going to win? Are you so confident in what you do that you expect everybody to follow you? Passion/belief/confidence gives you the law of attraction! You want people to want to be around you when you have these three traits.

3. Hunger. Does your team see you moving ahead? Are you maintaining or are you moving ahead? Hunger produces action. Here are some action steps your team should see you modeling.
A. Do you stp at least 4x a week
B. are you listening to the most CDs on your team and applying what your learning
C. Do you talk about the books your reading
D. Association, do you come early and stay late
E. Do you put your teammates on the marketing system
F. Is your team believing in you

When you can honestly answer yes to all those questions you are in the zone and modeling the way!

If we don’t have brand-new people, then we ourselves are not doing these things, and that leads to negative duplication. The good news is you can start today.

You see gang we are all at some stage of the game and we have to realize we need to keep changing, growing, and not get complacent to the positive message.

People have to see you changing because no change equals no growth at every level of leadership.

We have to continue to grow and that means change. If our business is not moving like we wanted to, maybe it’s our hunger to grow personally, our business is not just being out doing the work. We have a tool called leverage and when you learn to leverage the growth you have from the growth that happened previously your team will start to explode and get duplication.


Let’s take for example 10 and 5. When you and your team together drives 10 levels deep in your spine, and you drive your second organization five deep all within 30 days that will duplicate down into your team. So instead of just additional growth by you doing all the work to get the 10 deep in your spine, three months from now when you’re spine goes 10 deep and 10 other people put five on the side your organization just went 60 mph instead of 10 mph. Everyone can and will have that kind of duplication when you stay consistent modeling the way and always growing personally.

We know we can sustain that kind of growth by creating a team of professional business owners. First string is the first rung of the ladder of going executive. When we all have the people skills and promotion skills to help people take the next steps of going professional business owner that will duplicate into your business and you will be having hyper growth.

God Bless,


Potential vs Performance

Potential versus performance

The old man stood rooted to the Rocky  soil in shocked disbelief

As long white beard flowing in the warm breeze, his gnarled hands grasping the shepherd’s staff.

He was 80 years old, having been a shepherd for 40 years. He had a speech impediment, and now he was being asked to leave millions.

Impossible! He protested

The Shepherd gave not one, but five reasons why he couldn’t do it

1)he wasn’t the person for the job

2) He was afraid that people wouldn’t understand who had sent him

3) He was afraid that people want to believe him

4) He felt he wasn’t a good enough speaker to be a leader

5) He wanted someone else to be sent in his place

Anticipating resistance and rejection from his people, Moses felt that God was using poor judgment and selecting him for such a significant task.

Everyone, at some time in life, will feel as inadequate as Moses felt, unworthy of the task before him.

This is normal. However, when a person feels this way most or all of the time, it’s often the result of poor self-esteem.

A person’s self-image, how she views yourself as a person, determines her attitudes toward life situations which she will confront on a daily basis.

The best preparation for success is to have a strong, healthy self-image.

It’s the very core of your personality, affecting every aspect of your behavior.

It controls your ability to learn, your rate of growth and change, and the choices you make with respect to friends, career, and a mate.

The self-image you have is your source for personal happiness. It establishes the boundaries of your accomplishments.

It determines the limits of your fulfillment.

Your self-image is your opinion of who you are divided by your opinion of what it takes to do your job. The result is the way you behave throughout your lifetime.


The number one thing you must do to become a winner is believe that you have the right to be successful.

A winner is simply a man or woman who sees the possibility of becoming successful and does what it takes to achieve it.

And a winner does it without hurting others or compromising his or her beliefs and convictions.

Schoolteachers once told a 16-year-old that he should give up and quit school. They told him he would never be successful because he wasn’t smart enough.

In fact most of his teachers all through school had told him that he would never amount to anything worthwhile.

They told him the only work he would ever be able to do was manual labor.

Between the ages of 16 and 32 he’d held 67 different jobs. He drifted from one job to another, unable to be successful at any of them.

For some reason, at age 32 he was given an IQ test. The people who administered the test were shocked to learn that he had an IQ of 161.

Today that man is a well-known scientist, working with lasers and other modern scientific inventions.

He was even president of the Mensa Society for two years. An organization which requires an IQ of 145 for membership.

At age 32 he was considered an idiot. Age 33 he was recognized as a genius, studying to make up for all the education he had missed.

How could he make such a dramatic change within only a few months?

How could a supposed idiot become one of the world’s leading scientists?

Because he was able to change the way he saw himself. The secret to being a winner is to see yourself as a winner and believe that you can make it. People actually perform the way they see themselves performing in their minds

Your self-image has nothing whatsoever to do with your potential, but everything to do with your performance.

Dr. Dorothy Jong Ward, author of everybody wins, has said that we were born to win and conditioned to lose.

Something or someone begins to tear down that picture of what you want to be. You allow it to reduce you, step-by-step, to the point where you accept less than the best for yourself.

It’s in this condition that most of us pass through life, believing that we can never do better or be better than what we are now.

We are commanded to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. This tells me that before people can respond positively and effectively with love towards others, they must first love themselves.

We were created to love who we are, not to live up to someone else’s standards and expectations.

To be successful, to be what you want to be, you got to see yourself as a winner and develop a positive, healthy self-image.

The self-image controls the person attitudes, or interpretations of what happens to her, based on what she believes yourself to be.

A person’s basic attitudes will give you a clue as to whether that person likes himself or not.

There are those who will get up in the morning and say, good morning. And then there are those who will get up in the morning and say it’s morning. Which one are you?

It’s impossible to change a person’s attitudes without first changing that person self-image–The source of those attitudes.

The self-image controls your attitudes, which in turn controls your needs.

A person with a positive, healthy self-image who set goals to strive toward will have different needs than a person with low self-esteem who is starving for affection and is apathetic towards goals because he can never see himself as successful.

Drive and motivation come from this basic chain. This is what moves us to become what we want to be. This is where fear and faith are located.

You must begin with a healthy self-image if you’re going to fulfill your needs, if you’re going to have the things necessary to survive, and then be successful in life.

This intern, presents positive attitudes and motivation and drive to set goals.

So let’s recap

1) We need to have a healthy self-image

2) That leads to having a good attitude

3) Having a good attitude leads to motivation

4) Having motivation leads to getting into action, having work ethic, and achieving results.

You have a right to be successful, and the things that are holding you back are deep within you.

The secret to  success  begins in the subconscious mind with a strong self-image. Such a view of oneself takes years to develop, but can be positively changed with a little work.

Successful people are willing to set goals and pay the necessary price for success and accomplishment.

Why won’t people do what it takes to be successful?

Anne  Pearson was a victim of circumstance, of near failure, yet she turned her life into something positive while others might have given up. Why? What pushes the few to pay the price and do the things that on successful won’t do?

The answer to that question lies in a good self-image which provides people with the necessary attitudes and motivation.

So when we believe in ourselves we get motivated. When we get motivated we get results. When we have results we have people following us. When we have people following us we climb the higher ladder of success.

It had nothing to do with our potential, it has everything to do with our performance, and we only perform when we believe in ourselves.

The self-image controls the attitudes which control your needs which in turn controls your emotions. From your motions come your habit patterns. We live the majority of our lives by habit.

Habits come from the subconscious mind. If your habits are wholesome, you must be a happy person. If they are not, you should make every effort to change them so that you can live a fuller, more vivacious life.

Your habits are an important part of your life. You need them to function. Fortunately, habits are automatic.

Imagine the person who hasn’t acquired good hygiene habits going off to work in the morning without a shower, without brushing their teeth, and without combing their hair.

All of our habits reflect subconscience feelings or emotions.

Psychologists believe that people with bad habits have negative emotions or feelings about themselves, in other words, low self-esteem.

Habits can be good, even inspiring, and the whole art of living is to overcome bad habits and rise above them to habits that make for a good life.

A person’s emotions control their ultimate behavior.  We’ve now touched the end of the chain. Yourself image controls your attitudes.

If, because of your lifestyle, background, status, past experiences, or physical appearance, you don’t believe yourself to be a winner, You will begin to look for a reason or an excuse to fail.

That, in turn, will affect your attitude, which will affect those things you need in life, which will affect your basic emotions and habit patterns, Which will affect your ultimate behavior.

Thus, you will see yourself as a loser. You will start acting like a loser,  destined  to fail.

And then, you won’t be surprised when you do. Failure is a direct result of poor self-esteem and the anticipation of failure.

Your ultimate behavior takes the chain full circle because it’s a direct reflection of yourself image.

There is a young lady from the Midwest who I greatly admire.  In 1983, she was ranked the third-best high diver and her state, only 2 1/2 points behind the first-place diver. Today she’s preparing herself to becoming world champion high diver.

Recently, she was honored with an award for typing 43 words per minute. Most typist know that 43 words per minute is no great accomplishment for a typist. But my young friend has no arms!

She types with her toes and dives with no arms. In spite of a serious disabling handicap, she sees herself as a winner and believes in herself.

Her attitudes and behavior reflect that belief and positive self-image. It is because of this belief in herself that she’s able to surpass overwhelming odds and accomplish great things.

Your self-image is everything you have ever learned or been told about yourself, whether it’s true or not.

You can do great things if you will only believe that you can.

Your self-image has everything to do with your behavior, your performance, your reactions to situations, in the events around you.

However yourself image has nothing whatsoever to do with your potential–What you have the ability to become as a person and accomplished in your lifetime.


How to Think Big

Remember it pays in every way to Think Big!

I want to talk about 5 ways to help your self talk about yourself and how thinking big can change your life by implementing these 5 points:

1) don’t sell yourself short

2) use the big thinkers vocabulary

3) stretch your vision. See what can be not just what is.

4) get the big view of your job.

5) think above trivial things.

Most people define the word SUCCESS as synonymous with security. Can we risk turning our country over to people like that?

Why do people try to play it safe in everything they do?

Is it because they may fail?

The only way to move forward in what you do is to fail over and over but all along the way you learn what you could have done better.

How big we think determines the size of our accomplishments.

Ever ask yourself, “What is my greatest weakness?” Probably the greatest weakness is self-deprecation. That is selling oneself short.

How we overcome this

1) determine your five chief assets. Invite someone to help you someone close like a good friend or wife or at least someone intelligent.

Examples of assets, education, technical skills, appearance, great home life, good attitude, personality, go getter.

2) next under each asset write the names of 3 people you know who have achieved large success but who do not have this asset to as great a degree as you.

When you’ve completed this exercise you will find you outrank many successful people on at least one asset.

There is only one conclusion you can honestly reach: your bigger than you think. So fit your thinking to your true size. Think as big as you really are. Never never never sell yourself short.

2) Here are four ways to help you develop a big thinkers vocabulary

1) use big, positive cheerful words and phrases to describe how you feel. When someone asks you “How do you feel today?” And you respond with ” I’m tired” or I have a headache, I wish it was Saturday, I don’t feel so good. You actually feel worse.

Practice this: it’s a very simple point, but has tremendous power. Overtime someone asks you how are you? Or how are you feeling today? Respond with FANTASTIC!! JUST WONDERFUL!  Great!

At every opportunity that you say how you feel in a positive way you will begin to feel wonderful and bigger too.

2) Use bright, cheerful, favorable words and phrases to describe other people. Make it a rule to have big positive word for all your friends and associates.

When you and someone are discussing an absent third party, be sure you compliment him with big words and phrases like “He is always reliable” or “She always does a good job and is always on time”.

Be careful to avoid the petty cut him down language. Gossip always comes back to bite you.

3) use positive language to encourage others. Compliment people personally at every chance. Everyone  craves praise.

Praise sincerely given is a success tool.

4) use positive words to outline plans to others. When people hear something like this: “here is some good news” or “we face an exciting opportunity…..” Their minds start to sparkle.

But when people hear something like “we have a job to do whether we like it or not”. The mind movie is dull and boring, and they react accordingly.

Promise victory and watch eyes light up. Promise victory and win support. Build castles, don’t dig graves.

3) Stretch your vision. See what can be not just what is.

Big thinkers train themselves to see not just what is but what can be.

Look at thins not as they are, but as they can be. Visualization adds value to everything. A big thinker always visualizes what can be done in the future. He isn’t stuck in the present.

Here is an example of a guy just seeing what’s in front of him and a guy that has long term vision because he thinks differently.

A few years ago young milkman came to the door to solicit  out dairy business. Explain to him that we already had milk delivery service and we were quite satisfied. Then I suggested to stop next-door and talk to the lady there.

To this he replied I’ve arty talked to the lady next-door but they only use 1 quart of milk every two days and that’s not enough to make a stop worthwhile.

That may be I said but when you talk to her neighbor did you not observe that the demand for milk in that household will increase considerably in a month or so?

There will be a new addition over there that will consume lots of milk.

The young man look for a moment like he had been struck and then he said how blind can a guy be?

Today that same 1 quart every two days family by 7 quarts every two days from a milkman who had some foresight. That first youngster a boy now has two brothers and one sister. And I’m told there’ll be another young one soon.

How blind can we be? See what candy not just what is.

That first salesman didn’t have any long-term vision the second salesman seen the long-term vision coming and capitalized on it.

Here is how you can develop the power to see what can be not just  what is.  I call these  practicing adding value exercises

1) Practice adding value to things ask yourself what can I do to add value to this room for this house or this business? Look for ideas to make things Worth more.

2) Practice adding value to people. As you move higher and higher in the world of success more and more of your job becomes people development. Ask what can I do to add value to my subordinates? What can I do to help them become more effective?

3) Practice adding value to yourself. Conduct a daily interview with yourself. What can I do to make myself more valuable today?

Visualize yourself not as you are but as you can be. Then specific ways for taming your potential value will suggest themselves. Just try and see.

4) get the big view of your job.

Big thinkers see themselves as members of a team effort as winning or losing with the team not by themselves.

They help in every way they can even when there is no direct and immediate compensation or other reward.

The fellow who shrugs off a problem outside of his own department with the comment “Well that’s no concern of mine let them worry about it”

that guy hasn’t got an attitude what it takes for top leadership!

When you make the company business, your business that’s when you will get promoted.

5) Think about trivial things. Focus your attention on big objectives. Before getting involved in a petty matter ask yourself is this really important?

Here’s an example of the little story about John the guy that got the smallest office and fizzled out.

Several years ago I observed small thinking about an office assignment destroy a young fellow’s chances for profitable career in advertising.

For young executives all on the same status level removed into new offices. Three offices were identical in size and decoration. The fourth was smaller and less elaborate.

John was assigned Fourth office. This turned out to be a real blow to his pride. Immediately he felt discriminated against. Negative thinking resentment bitterness jealousy built up. John began to feel inadequate. The result was that John grew hostile toward his fellow executives. Rather than cooperate he did his best to undermine their efforts. Things got worse. Three months later John slips so badly management had no choice to issue in the pink slip.

Small thinking over a very small matter stopped John.
In his haste to feel he was discriminated  against John failed to observe that the company was expanding rapidly and office space was at a premium. He didn’t stop to consider the possibility that the executive who made the office assignments didn’t even know which one was the smallest. No one in the organization except John regarded his office as an index of his value.

Small thinking about unimportant things like seeing your name last on the department route sheet  or getting the fourth carbon of an office memo can hurt you. Think big and none of these little things can hold you back.

Ask what’s really important

Grow by thinking big!!

Build Confidence and Destroy Fear

Yes fear is real. And we must recognize it exists before we can conquer it. Most fear today is psychological. Worry, tension, embarrassment, panic all stem from mismanaged, negative imagination. But simply knowing the breeding ground of fear doesn’t cure fear. If a physician discovers you have an infection in some part of your body, he doesn’t stop there. He proceeds with treatment to cure the infection.

The old “it’s only in your mind treatment” presumes fear doesn’t really exist. But it does.Fear is real. Fear is success enemy number 1. Fear stops people from capitalizing on opportunity; fear wears down physical vitality; fear actually makes people sick, causes organic difficulties, shortens life; fear closes your mouth when you want to speak.

Fear–uncertainty, lack of confidence–explains why we still have economic recessions. Fear explains why millions of people accomplish little and enjoy little.

All confidence is acquired, developed. No one is born with confidence. Those people you know who radiate confidence, who have conquered worry, who are at ease everywhere and all the time, acquired their confidence, every bit of it.

You can too.

Action cures fear. Indecision, postponement, on the other hand fertilize fear. Write it down gang, “ACTION CURES FEAR”! If you don’t start moving on what you are needed to do to succeed, the longer you wait to take action the more fear will build. The more fear builds the harder it is to start and the less confidence you will have. The good news is you can start at anytime, procrastination is the death of any success you may want to accomplish.

When we face tough problems, we stay blinded in the mud until we take action.Hope is a start. But hope needs action to win victories. Put the action principle to work. Next time you experience big fear or little fear, steady yourself. Then search for an answer to this question: What kind of action can I take to conquer my fear? Isolate your fear, then take action.

Here is a list of eight common fears people have and the action you need to take to change that fear into having confidence;

1) Embarrassment because of personal appearance. Action; Improve it, go to barbershop or beauty salon. Shine your shoes. Get clothes cleaned and pressed. In general, practice better grooming. It doesn’t always take new clothes.

2) Fear of losing an important customer. Action; Work doubly hard to give better service. Correct anything that may have caused customers to lose confidence in you.

3) Fear of failing an examination. Action; Convert worry time into study time.

4) Fear of things totally beyond your control. Action; Switch your attention to something totally different.

5) Fear of being physically hurt by something you can’t control such as a tornado, or an airplane out of control. Action; Turn your attention to helping to relieve the fear of others. Pray.

6) Fear of what other people may think or say. Action; Make sure that what you plan to do is right. Then do it. No one ever does anything worthwhile for which he is not criticized.

7) Fear of making an investment or purchasing a new home. Action; Analyze all factors. Then be decisive. Make a decision and stick to it.

8) Fear of people. Action; Put them in proper perspective. Remember, the other person is just another human being pretty much like yourself.

Use this two-step procedure to cure fear and win confidence:

1) Isolate your fear. Pin it down. Determine exactly what you are afraid of.

2) Then take action. There is some kind for any kind of fear. And remember, hesitation only enlarges, magnifies the fear. Take action promptly.

Successful people specialize in putting positive thoughts into their memory bank. Negative thoughts produce needless wear and tear on your mental motor. They create worry, frustration, and feelings of inferiority. Destroy negative thoughts before those thoughts become mental monsters. It is clear that any negative thought, if fertilized with repeated recall, can develop into a real mind monster, breaking down confidence and paving the way to serious psychological difficulties.

Whether the problem is big or little, the cure comes when one learns to quit drawing negatives from ones memory bank and withdraws positives instead.

Confident action produces confident thinking.

1) Be a front seater. Sitting up front builds confidence and displays hunger. Create a positive environment by being a front seater and invite others to join you.

2) Practice eye contact. Failure to make eye contact says, I feel inferior beside you. I’m afraid you. Or avoiding another persons eyes may say, I feel guilty. You say nothing good about yourself when you avoid making eye contact.

3) Walk 25% faster. When you know where your going, go ahead and get there. This shows others that your confident and confidence from others gives you a good self-esteem.

4) Practice speaking up. Make it a rule to speak up at business meetings and ask questions. Others will have the same question but are afraid to ask it so model the way and be bold.

5) Smile big. We all know that the person who is always smiling can not be in a bad mood and will always have something good to say. You should be that smiling person that brightens up the room when you walk in.

Don’t let fear hold you back from achieving the highest level of success that you want to achieve. Set your goals high and run towards them because if you thought it you can achieve it!


God Bless



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