Man of Steel and Velvet

In the book Man of Steel and Velvet,  Aubrey Andelin writes about what a mans most important responsibility in life is to be the guide, protector, and provider for his wife and children.

In these painful and confusing times it ia all too easy to lose sight of the fundamental meaning of what it is to be a man and what it is to be a woman. Based on Christian ethics as taught in the bible, Man of Steel and Velvet helps men and woman gain a clearer perspective on true masculinity. It shows how the combined traits of the firmness of steel and the gentleness of velvet make a man who is a good provider and devoted husband worthy of the respect of his wife and children.

This book came to me from my mentor Tim Marks. He had just gotten finished reading for what I remember the third time. Just as I went thru the introduction I knew this was going to be a hard-hitting but VERY truthful book that every man who wants to lead, this is a must read! If every man in this country not only read this book and applied what is written, but had their sons read this book and live up to what the author says about a mans role is, this world of ours would not be in the shape its in right now.

In my profession of community building I get to meet people from all walks of life and every different profession there is today. In the past ten years of getting close to people, I have met people who are very successful and some not so successful. I look back and wonder what is the biggest difference in people who are happy and people who are frustrated with where they are at. I see that people who are happy where they are at and going, THINK very differently than people who struggle thru life and get frustrated. A major factor is taking responsibility for the results in life that you have and making the changes that you want. With hunger to strive for excellence opportunities will show up because they are there all along, problem is many people are waiting for opportunity to knock on the front door, but the problem is they don’t hear it because the TV is too loud.

I believe this book “Man of Steel and Velvet” teaches what it means to be a man and our responsibilities as men are. I love America and what our founding fathers stood for. Today I don’t see to many men standing in the gap and assuming their responsibilities. We have a lot of people with the thinking that they should be taken care of from someone else. This is wrong thinking, men and woman fought for freedom and when people want outside forces to assume their responsibilities we ALL lose our freedoms. At a seminar we had the privilege to hear a gentleman named Oliver DeMille speak on freedom, he was talking about a shift that we all feel is happening but not a lot of people know how to stop it. And that shift is not a freedom shift it is a FORCED shift. This is when the government gets to big and takes our freedoms away. We in the LIFE business believe based on what Oliver said that we can stop this forced shift and turn the rudder to a freedom shift, just like our founding fathers did some 200 years ago. Just when it looked like it was all over for America a few great MEN stood in the gap and gave us FREEDOM!!

Men of today I call out to you not to play small, but to stand in the gap and fulfill your responsibility. To be the head of your house and raise your children with the principles in this book “Man of Steel and Velvet”. This country needs you to not take the hand out, but to give a hand up and raise more leaders behind you.

God Bless,

Jim Martin


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2 responses to “Man of Steel and Velvet

  • Paul Britz

    Great Post, Jim! I loved that book…very convicting and challenging. Take care!

  • Tina Seidel

    I have been fortunate to be a part of Jim and Dolores’ team now for just about a year. They have been a huge blessing in my life. The whole Team has really. But when I feel like “can it really happen for me?” I think of Jim and Dolores. I think of Jim’s words of wisdom that come so easily and profound that you would never know his background was in plumbing. You would think to hear him speak and how inspirational he is that he had been doing this his entire life. And I can’t say enough about Dolores. When others have quit, and left me feeling a bit lost at first, she came through like a leader does and taught me how to stay the course and fight with everything I have in me. I’ve always been a fighter, but now with people like the Martin’s behind me, failure is not an option! I am so grateful to these people. I love them both….truly!

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