Life Strategies on Time Management

If you ask the smartest and most experienced leaders what’s one thing that makes their meetings successful — most will tell you it’s having a clear agenda. But contrary to this popular point of view, we regularly see off-sites, strategy sessions and team meetings being held hostage by an agenda — rather than liberated by it. Here’s why.

When a meeting is oriented around an agenda, the focus becomes making sure that all the topics listed are talked about in the time they have been allotted.

This means that if item X is scheduled to be discussed for 15 minutes, from 10:15 to 10:30, that’s what happens. But what if item X turns out to need an hour of conversation? What if the dialogue around item X is so engaging, compelling and important that people want to keep chatting about it beyond the allotted time frame?

In most cases, the discussion, regardless of how important or meaningful, will be tabled to a later date to make way for the other scheduled items on the agenda.

The opposite is also true. If item X is slated for a 15-minute discussion, but really only requires five minutes, rarely will the agenda be adjusted. In most cases, the team members will simply fill up the time talking about the less important aspects of the item until the designated time is up.

So instead of having your meetings be oriented around a set agenda, with topics and the time allotted to them, we suggest orienting your meetings around the outcomes and results you want to accomplish.

The difference looks like this:

In an agenda-driven meeting, you have 30 minutes allocated to discussing the depth of a team.

In an outcome-oriented meeting, you declare the objective of having everyone agree on how to drive the spine ten levels deep.

So the next time you want to have a powerful meeting oriented around results, ask yourself:

1.What are the specific outcomes I want this meeting to achieve?
2.What results do I want to come out of this meeting?
3.What are the most important results I want to walk away having accomplished?

Having goals and a way to help others accomplish their goals is always going to be more effective and more efficient when the task at hand is written down and having a game plan to get it.

The same set of strategies goes for game planning the three other indicators of your Life business:
1. The number of systems you want to increase this month.
2. The number of tickets you are going to increase in each team.
3. The total volume you want to run in each leg.

These measurable results works like this. When you drive a leg ten levels deep, more people go on system and treat this as a profession. When people treat this as their profession they attend the seminar so your tickets increase. When your tickets increase volume follows. So from what I am seeing when you have a leg at 50 systems and that leg has 100 tickets in it, it will run 15,000 points thru it.

Of course this will all happen by going MVP,  set up the MVP over twelve years ago and it still scores every time it is executed!

God Bless,

Jim Martin


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4 responses to “Life Strategies on Time Management

  • Wes Loughrie

    Letting a schedule liberate instead of limit you!! That’s fired up! (especially for someone like me who used to think that keeping a schedule was a great short-cut to becoming a square) being more efficient so that you can give more time to the things that really matter in LIFE while at the same time accomplishing more than you ever though possible! Another great lesson of the LIFE business.

  • Martha

    Thank you for your wisdom! This is something I can definitely use in my business.

  • Clint Fix

    Great post Jim! Being results oriented rather than activity oriented makes a huge difference. Thanks for your leadership!

  • April Arnhold

    Spinning wheels talking breaks into time that activity can be done. Communication is key but so are the results. Results leading the team to freedom!! Who wants freedom?

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