Princibles to Review to Build A Life Team

In the business that  and the rest of the has launched  is growing at a fast rate! It’s very exciting to talk to people in different locations around the country and hear the stories of the personal growth taking place. I wanted to take a moment and write out some of the principles that I have learned from the Team training system that has helped me to build a community and develop leaders.

1) Dare to dream: Our dreams are our blue prints of our future successes. The people who have the biggest success in life are always the biggest dreamers. Our dreams and the belief we have in getting those dreams will determine the level of commitment we have to do the right things long enough to achieve those dreams.

The dreams you have is the only boss on the Life Team that you have. They will drive you into action.

2) The power of belief: It is so very important to replace the thinking of “I can’t” with the thoughts of “I can”. When you believe in what you’re doing your activity in all areas will be more effective, your passion will be on display.

What helped me get my belief was digging into cd’s, reading the right books, showing our business plan, and attending events on a consistent basis.

3) The courage to take action: Consistent action and perseverance of rotating the 5-step pattern and developing myself gets results and builds confidence. Leading by example will influence your teammates to follow you when they see the results you are getting by going power player.

4) Take responsibility: This is your business. Whatever happens good or bad the leader is responsible. Be sure to know your where your ticket numbers are for the next seminar, know where your system count is at all times, and when those two key indicators grow, your volume in Bonvera will grow.

Take responsibility to putting a game plan to the goals that you have set for the week, month, and year.

Take responsibility for the depth in each of the legs that you are working in. As they grow ten deep a month, you give the credit to the guy or gale that lead you to them. If they don’t go ten deep, accept responsibility and PDCA with your mentor to figure out why.

Take responsibility for setting up your tap roots for power player, that is where you get multiplication on your teams is breaking power players.

5) Attitude: Would you be in business with you? Do you see things in a positive light or a negative light? The things I found to keep my attitude up was cd’s, reading attitude books like “Attitude Is Everything” by Jeff Keller, and “The Difference Maker” by John Maxwell. These materials are incredible to push out the negative and feed the positive.

6) Develop Productive Habits: While you’re in business mode is everything you do getting you closer to your goals or further from your goals? When I was working a full-time job, I had to be as efficient as I could since I worked a lot of hours a week, so some of the habits I had to acquire were

1 do only what I could do

2 create the habit of reading everyday

3 listen to cd’s on a daily basis

4 associate with positive people

5 be coached and mentored

6 overcome my goliaths

7 personal mastery

8 move my business forward everyday by either stp, doing a f/t, or developing self

9 attend everything required for power player

10 show the plan 15 times a month

these were not easy habits to form right off the start, the belief in getting my dream made it easy to form these habits which I still live by today.

7) Manage your emotions: Can everyone tell how you feel by your facial expressions? If people are always asking you if something is wrong, you may want to smile a little more!

8 Prepare for success: Are you listening to 4-6 cd’s a day? Are you reading 2-4 books a month? Do you pdca with a mentor on a 30 day basis?

9) Change: The key to change is having a big enough goal that makes us get better everyday. Change is what is going to get you to where you want to go!

God Bless,

Jim Martin


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