Cure Yourself Of Excusitis

You will find that the more successful the individual, the less inclined he is going to make excuses. But the fellow who has gone nowhere and has no plans for getting anywhere always has a book full of reasons to explain why he can’t……..

Persons with mediocre accomplishments are quick to explain why they haven’t, why they don’t, why they can’t, and why they aren’t. Like any disease, excusitis gets worse if it isn’t treated properly. A victim of this thought disease goes through this mental process: I’m not doing as well as I should. The problem is when you tell yourself these excuses so long you start to believe them and your actions move you to failure mode and eventually giving up. I have seen this in my business for the past 12 years, people start out great and when things get a little tough they start to talk negative to themselves that they can’t succeed. In reality if we don’t listen to our own excuses and listen to people who have succeeded we can and will reach their level, BUT it will take hard work and discipline. Some people think of hard work as not worth the effort, in reality hard work and a solid committment is the recipe for success.

Association, past accomplishments or lack of accomplishments need to be all learning experiences. If we hang around people who make excuses for everything that takes a little work, we will become lazy ourselves. If you want to further yourself you must associate with people who are going forward in life and accepting responsibility to do so. Most people’s excuses really need to be turned around as to reasons why they should do what they are making an excuse not to do. This is a cause and effect here. Here is what I hear when people make an excuse, “when the going got tough, I quit”, or “because I’m not as good at this as others, it’s easier to say I can’t instead of how do I?”

There are two things that make people use an excuse 1) Belief and 2) Ambition

1) Belief; when someone starts a sentence with “I can’t” they have already sold themselves that they won’t succeed at what they are trying to do. What needs to be done is to find a way to make it happen or fix the problem. When I say “I can’t get people to listen to me” then everywhere I go the issue is ME. Here is the good news, I can fix me if I have the ambition to do so.  Or the “I don’t have any time because we’re so busy with the kids and work and………ect. The good news is with some time management skills we can teach people how to get more done in each day with more effectiveness and less mental energy. But all of that takes ambition which is number 2.

2) Ambition; People who lack ambition are always full of excuses. An excuse that is often used is “I don’t have any money” now when we are talking about succeeding people should be ambitious to come up with money to succeed! But in their next breath that same person that just said they don’t have any money is going out to eat, has cable television, and is talking about a vacation they are planning. Or when they are offered overtime at work they grumble that they are too tired. Call me crazy but this is a big reflection of their wrong thinking.

There is a solution to these problems but again most people are quick to make the excuse with no ambition for a solution. There is a great saying “You can make a million excuses or you can make a million dollars but you can’t make both”.

Gang I challenge you the next time you feel an excuse about to come out of your mouth, seek first to understand where it is coming from and find a way around it. Look for solutions not excuses! Be a problem solver and an excuse eliminator.

Go chase your dreams!!!


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18 responses to “Cure Yourself Of Excusitis

  • Omar Chetta

    Great post Jim , I’ll do my personal best to eliminate excuses out my life. Thanx for taking the time to share

  • Neal D. Ruffner

    Ha!! I couldn’t agree with you more!! I literally just read today in Magic of Thinking Big Chapter 2!!!

    Thanks for sharing Jim!!
    Neal & Mal

  • Bill Maddox

    Just what I need to hear. “Press play” CDs CDs CDs, get the right information in and change the negative to positive, and I can’t to I can. “Press play” to your future. No excuses only how can I get this done. Dream, struggle, victorie.

  • Kimberley Shank

    Awesome! On Mar 1, 2013 10:42 PM, “Jim Martin’s Life Leadership” wrote: > > jimmartinlifeleadership posted: “You will find that the more successful the individual, the less inclined he is going to make excuses. But the fellow who has gone nowhere and has no plans for getting anywhere always has a book full of reasons to explain why he can’t…….. Persons wi” >

  • Robin Lawrence

    You are so right! Great post and great leadership. Thanks Jim!

  • Brian

    You have hit it! Great post. I look back on how I wanted to accomplish big things in my 20’s but always had “reasons” in my mind why it wasn’t happening for me. Now that I’ve been reading, listening, associating and implementing things are changing for the better because of the LIFE business and people like you and Dolores.

    Thanks for all that you do!
    Brian and Gayle

  • Dan Schaenzer

    Jim this is an excellence post, the excusitis disease is running rampant in the world today, and I realize just be reading this article, that the cure has to begin at home, then spread across the world, with that ambition to make our excuse our reason to to do the things that matter most

    Dan Schaenzer

  • livingintentionaly

    I love it! Failing forward and making sure we don’t get caught in excuses, you are absolutely right, there is no circumstance in life that can excuse us from moving forward. Thank you for the reminder LT-IT!!

  • omar chetta

    great post jim.thanx for sharing.

  • Alaysha

    You rule. So true! No more bellybuttons

  • AndyJDaniels

    This post comes at a perfect time! I wish I could make this a required notice on all newspapers/magazines and before every reality TV show 🙂

  • Roy and Brenda Hatcher

    EXCELLENT! We love the Magic of Thinking Big! Especially the “EXCUSITIS” chapter! Just makes it so easy to hand an “EXCUSER” the book and say here read this 🙂 Thanks for sharing great info! We look forward to seeing you in Fort Wayne Saturday!!!
    Roy and Brenda Hatcher

  • Tom K

    Thanks for the post Jim.
    Number two regarding ambition hit me hard. I needed to read this.


  • Kaitlyn Fix

    Great post Jim! Excusitis is a sneaky disease that we don’t realize is in us unless we are pounding cd’s, reading great books and associating with the right people! Thanks again!

  • George Butz

    Definitely true in all areas of my life. Thank you for the reminder.

  • JR Harriman

    Great post Jim, thanks for the info.

  • Evan G

    This is something I need to work on. The reason I use excuses mostly is belief. So thanks Jim for this post. It is really relevant to what I am working on with myself right now

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