My Business Journey Part 2

As I start to write this journey down, Dolores and I are about 4 miles offshore  in the Gulf of Mexico just  relaxing and spending some time together.  The weather is 82° in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf is flat.  For the record this would have never happened on a Friday morning when I was a plumber  living in Chesterfield Michigan working 70 to 90 hours a week!

The only disclaimer that I have is please do not judge the miss pronunciation or the grammar errors that I’m sure I will have throughout these posts. Ha Ha let’s get started on the journey.

The day we were contacted was September 14, 2001 a Friday evening, three days after the events of 9/11.  At the time I was working for a plumbing company, and  I also own my own plumbing company on the side. The weeks that I would work would cost me at least 70 to 90 hours away from the family.  We had a highschooler, middle schooler, elementary, and a two week old baby.  I was not looking for something else to do but I was always wondering if there was a way out.

Growing up in a middle-class family my father worked for General Motors and my mom worked at the hospital. We were not rich by any means. I was taught to, go to school, learn a trade, get a safe secure job, and work forever.  After following that path for 13 years as a plumber I was very frustrated, time poor, and money poor.  Our idea of a vacation was a holiday weekend up north in Michigan on the four wheelers driving too fast and drinking too much.  It had been close to 10 years that I was even out of the state of Michigan, so the idea of traveling was never in our sites.

That Friday afternoon on September 14 I received a call while I was at work,  it was  Dolores calling to let me know we were going down to our friends house to see some business from someone we did not know.  I was kind of excited because it might be an answer to a way out of the rat race but I also was taking our oldest daughter on a youth duck hunt the next day so I had things to get ready.

I walk into my buddy Gordy’s house, and here’s a guy named Ed Zentner in a suit and tie with a dry erase board talking about e-commerce.  At the time I did not know what e-commerce was.  I remember most of the plan but the reason we joined the first night as he showed us a way to make a couple extra thousand dollars a month plus still having my job.  I did not truly realize it was a people business, nor did I realize it was a product business.  The next morning my buddy Steve and daughter Stephanie head out to the marsh to go duckhunting, I told Steve I found a way to make a lot of money on the Internet by buying stuff and get people to buy stuff.  His comment back to me was “if I need anything I’ll go to the store and buy it”.  I think about that now and how funny it was, three weeks later he ended up getting in and joining us.

The business we got started in was quixtar  and the business support team that helped educate people and become business owners was driven by the team of destiny.  Quixtar supplied the products and a compensation plan and team of destiny supplied audios, books, and association to help people understand they own a business. This was a great system that gave  me believe that I could build a business and be successful, encourage me to go out and do what I needed to do, and gave me the information on how to do it.  Without the system I would have never succeeded in getting free from my job in two years and two weeks!  That was the dream from day one getting free, and on September 29 of 2003  I left plumbing forever.  I will share more on this date in future posts.

Cheers for now,




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