My Business Journey Part 4

Here it was, two weeks before the first major of convention was coming up in mid January 2002, I was over at Ed’s one Saturday morning and we were talking, he was talking about what his first major convention did for him and how it motivated him to succeed. I made the decision right there to purchase one major convention ticket for myself because Dolores was already going on a cheerleading weekend with our oldest daughter for a national champion cheerleading competition in St. Louis Missouri. I also told him that because I wanted to sit in the front row at that major convention I would be a power player (Accountability). From that day forward I started working as hard as I could towards that achievement and we did hit our player the day before the major convention started.

Within the first two hours of that first convention I went and purchased two tickets for the next convention in May, I called Dolores later that night and told her that we were going in May because we are going to get committed and make this thing work. What was awesome is Dolores supported me in a way that she did not tear me down, so between January 2002 up to May 2002 we went power player one more time. I remember that weekend vividly and it gave Dolores so much hope in me so much hope that it just drove the commitment down deeper.

I know what kept my belief high was listening to audios, back then it was cassette tapes. I would go through at least 9 tapes a day while at work. I worked as a plumber in construction of new residential homes so I was able to listen to a walkman all day long. Those tapes helped my attitude stay positive, gave me the know how of activities to work on for the business, also they cast a vision of where the future of e-commerce was headed. Without those tapes I would have quit! Books also helped me learn how to think as an entrepreneur, learn people skills, and develop myself as a leader. I was not a reader at all as I got started in business on September 14 of 2001 but by May 2002 I was reading one of two books a month. At different parts of the association like intro meetings, seminars, and men’s leadership, listening to audio’s and reading books was always highly promoted, this is where you get your education and know how to develop yourself into a successful entrepreneur and leader. Our training system back then was called “Team of Destiny” and without that system it would’ve been very hard to just leverage my time since I was working 70-90 hours a week, by leveraging the training system I could educate and train people while I was working and sleeping.

Here we are going into August 2002, I’m at a men’s leadership and walking through the crowd Tim Marks stopped me and asked if we could do lunch on Sunday together with their family. I couldn’t believe it because at have my first seminar I had told Dolores I was going to make Tim my best friend. I came home that night from men’s leadership woke her up and told her what was happening, she was excited and nervous at the same time. That Sunday was the beginning of starting to mentor with Tim and Amy Marks. They helped us narrow our focus down and start running for a big goal.

Let’s fast-forward to December 2002, we had built a community in 2002 of around 50 active people, I was told with those kind of numbers we could hit but was called back then “top of the chart”. What I knew this to be was we could make around $1000 that month if we hit the top of the chart, December 31, 2002 Dolores and I managed to hit what we thought was a huge milestone and we were what was call back then a silver in quixtar. Sure enough that landed us a check I’m just a little over $1000 for that month. Again this was reassurance that if I just do what is suggested this works! So January 2003 we hit what was called Turbo 10 for the first time, what this meant was we had at least 10 people in two different organizations attending seminars. We were a culture of building numbers of people that attended functions mainly because those were the only people who actually did anything. Our whole team started to get belief and started to get into action of sharing the business plan with other people so the next month in February we hit turbo 25, this of course meant 25 people in  two different teams attending functions. So my mentor Tim Marks called me right after that seminar and said ” Amy and I would love to have you host us at the March seminar but in order to do that you need to be at a turbo 50 level”! Now if you would have told me on December 31 of 2002 that just a short three months later we would be running for turbo 50 I would’ve told you you were crazy, but guess what, we did go turbo 50 in March 2003 and was able to host Tim and Amy Marks as they were the featured speaker at that seminar in Yypsilanti Michigan! At this point the liberator team had massive momentum and I could start to see I was going to have my last day as a plumber in the near future.

I will expand on that in Part 5

God Bless,



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