My Business Journey Part 5

As you can see in part 4 we covered almost a full year without a lot of results except the last two months that I described in that post.  The point of that is almost the entire first year of being in business was a learning year,  between listening to a lot of audios every day and starting to dig into reading business books, that is what started building my confidence in myself that we could see getting free from my plumbing career.

We were doing the activity for that year, it’s just, I believe, people could see that I wasn’t totally confident in leading them in the right direction. The  training system I was plugged into is what gave me that belief and confidence. Of course I can’t leave out the association, without getting around the successful people that were making it work, all I could do is look at myself in the mirror and ask, “why are they succeeding and I’m not yet?” Those kind of questions got answered from being around the events that were promoted.  I’m sure you will see a theme throughout all of these posts, educating myself through a training system has and always will be key to keep moving forward in business.

Let’s pick up the story in August 2003, since January 2003 we have been going power player every month which is just a structure for our business model,  and coming into August we had a goal of having two teams of people with at least 100 people in each team attending a monthly seminar.   It was a Thursday before our monthly seminar that we had a big clubhouse meeting with Tim Marks coming in to help finish off what needed to be done.  This was the day that started a major power outage across the Midwest, and expanded from Michigan all the ways to the east side of New York.  I remember driving home from work thinking, Man I hope people show up to this clubhouse meeting tonight, but of course when we got to the clubhouse the only person that was there was Tim Marks and the people who lived in that apartment complex.  So I had a great idea whoever wanted to come back to our house, I would grill up some steaks, get the generator going so we could have air-conditioning, and start making phone calls to move the last few tickets to the seminar.  Guess what? It got done that night! Turbo 100 was in the bag!!! That was my goal I needed to hit to leave my job.  We were already making more money as an entrepreneur than  I was making in plumbing, but I told Tim Marks that was my goal to become job optional two teams with 100 people attending seminars.  The month before I had sent Tim  a  voicemail stating, “write this in your calendar Tim, I am going to walk out of plumbing forever on September 29”.   Tim sent back a message and said “I wrote it in my calendar in pen so it cannot be earased”.  That made me really nervous when I sent him that message that July because I knew I had to get it done because my word is my worth.  Holding myself accountable to Tim has always helped me push my business forward.  And getting that ticket goal  wrapped up in August 2003 was a major milestone to hit.  Now there was just one more goal to hit before I could actually walk out of my job, and that was hitting a number of people being educated in the training system.  At this point I had around 125 people on the training system and my goal was 150.  I had roughly 6 weeks to get it done, but I got done in four weeks!  We had a major convention in grand rapids Michigan in September 2003,  this is where Tim Marks got with all of the liberator team  and announced to all of them that I was leaving my job in two weeks!!!

That day came, September 29, 2003 there was around 150 people on our team at my plumbing shop where I worked at 6:15 am, a bunch of them were running around with video cameras getting it all on film.  I watched our team get total believe in that they could do the same from that day forward.

At the time of leaving my job we had only had two organizations that we were building, soon after I quit my job we started our third organization in October 2003.  From October 2003 to April 2004,  that organization that we started went to 100 people attending seminars. That’s when we earned our first free trip! It was down to Key West Florida.  I will never forget it, we flew into Fort Lauderdale Florida, we rented a convertible Mustang and another car since we took my mom with us  we all didn’t fit in one car, then drove down to Key West.

Since that first trip in 2004  we have been on over 20 trips that was paid for by the company we were with.  That would have never happened had I  just stayed a plumber.  I can’t tell you how many memories, pictures, and stories we have from all of those trips with 99% of them the family was all there.

May 2004 we started to have retirement parties on our team.  There is no better reward then helping people hit their goals, and become job optional.

September 2004 I bought my first Cadillac DTS, and paid cash for it!  It was not brand-new but it was only two years old and only had 17,000 miles on it. That was awesome,  to be able to pay cash for a car and still have tens of thousands of dollars in the bank.  It’s funny because some people say that networking is a scam, is a pyramid, and doesn’t work for anybody.  I love proving them all wrong!

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