Being in business with Orrin Woodward for the last 10 years has been an incredible journey and personal growth period for me. As Life got launched on November 1, 2011 I am extremely excited for everyone involved, and everyone that will have this opportunity brought before them. I want to be a contributor of defending our freedom here in America and with Life, the vision and truths that are brought from the minds of leaders in this country I believe we will secure our freedom and bring up the next generations of leaders to keep FREEDOM for America.

God Bless,

Jim Martin


One response to “About

  • Nic Coventry

    Hey Jim,

    I follow Chris Brady on Facebook, and his blog led me to Tim’s and Tim’s led me to your’s. You guys look really good in the picture, and I hope your family is doing well. I can’t even imagine how big Jimmy is now…

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