The Power and Importance of Duplication

The power of duplication starts with you

If all of us went at building our business like nobody else was going to what would you do?

1. have a reason a dream or goal

2. Show the plan four times a week

3. Listen to 3 to 6 CDs a day for club 180

4. Read at least a book a month on the things that you struggle with.

5. Make sure you’re associating with your team. You’re attending every open, the seminar every month, and the major conventions. If your teams running a business launch and you are don’t already have a plan set up you’re at that business launch with your new folks.

6. You have a mentor that is moving on, and while you’re mentoring your disclosing everything that’s going on in your life. A great book to help you understand mentoring is a book called mentoring matters that came down in our system.

We know by doing these things it’s leading by example. Example is not the only thing but it is the main thing.

Your team need someone to model the way, not everyone is a self-starter

When you’re team sees this is all you do, this is all they will know. That produces great duplication.

Let me list off a few things that you will want to duplicate it down into your team.

1. Attitude. Your attitude will affect the group. So do you want your team to have the same attitude as you?

2. Passion. Are you and passionate pursuit of achieving your goals and dreams? Does every person that you show this to believe that you’re sold out and you’re going to win? Are you so confident in what you do that you expect everybody to follow you? Passion/belief/confidence gives you the law of attraction! You want people to want to be around you when you have these three traits.

3. Hunger. Does your team see you moving ahead? Are you maintaining or are you moving ahead? Hunger produces action. Here are some action steps your team should see you modeling.
A. Do you stp at least 4x a week
B. are you listening to the most CDs on your team and applying what your learning
C. Do you talk about the books your reading
D. Association, do you come early and stay late
E. Do you put your teammates on the marketing system
F. Is your team believing in you

When you can honestly answer yes to all those questions you are in the zone and modeling the way!

If we don’t have brand-new people, then we ourselves are not doing these things, and that leads to negative duplication. The good news is you can start today.

You see gang we are all at some stage of the game and we have to realize we need to keep changing, growing, and not get complacent to the positive message.

People have to see you changing because no change equals no growth at every level of leadership.

We have to continue to grow and that means change. If our business is not moving like we wanted to, maybe it’s our hunger to grow personally, our business is not just being out doing the work. We have a tool called leverage and when you learn to leverage the growth you have from the growth that happened previously your team will start to explode and get duplication.


Let’s take for example 10 and 5. When you and your team together drives 10 levels deep in your spine, and you drive your second organization five deep all within 30 days that will duplicate down into your team. So instead of just additional growth by you doing all the work to get the 10 deep in your spine, three months from now when you’re spine goes 10 deep and 10 other people put five on the side your organization just went 60 mph instead of 10 mph. Everyone can and will have that kind of duplication when you stay consistent modeling the way and always growing personally.

We know we can sustain that kind of growth by creating a team of professional business owners. First string is the first rung of the ladder of going executive. When we all have the people skills and promotion skills to help people take the next steps of going professional business owner that will duplicate into your business and you will be having hyper growth.

God Bless,



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